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Positive Contributions to Society

Davidson Fellows are students under the age of 18 who have completed a significant piece of work in science, mathematics, technology, music, literature or philosophy.  The work of a Davidson Fellow must have the potential to make a positive contribution to society. During the past four years, 57 Davidson Fellows have been recognized by the Davidson Institute and each Fellow has received either a $50,000, $25,000 or $10,000 scholarship.

Positive contributions to society made by the 2004 Davidson Fellows include:

  • The development of a process to grow blood-forming stem cells outside the body from umbilical cord blood, instead of embryonic stem cells, thus quelling the controversy associated with stem cell research and opening doors to treatments for blood disorders such as leukemia. 

  • The development of a more adaptive and accurate spam filter, which is 99 percent effective. 

  • The discovery of how DNA “bends” under certain circumstances to form RNA, an intermediary nucleic acid that is formed during the transcription and translation of DNA to protein, providing a foundation for future research in nanotechnology and biocomputation. 

  • The confirmation of the existence of a super-massive black hole in a neighboring galaxy found by analyzing NASA data studying the amount of radiation emitted from Centaurus A. 

  • The discovery of a biological connection as to why people gravitate toward religion. 

  • The isolation and testing of the gene that is believed to cause colorectal cancer, enabling doctors to treat the disease much more effectively. 

Contributions of Davidson Fellows recognized since 2001 include:

  • The identification of the relationship of specific proteins in the human immune system in order to develop more effective treatments for HIV patients. 

  • The development of new methods for treating yeast infections, which cause serious threats to patients with weakened immune systems.

  • The mathematical modeling of gasoline sprays to reduce automobile emissions. 

  • The identification of antibodies that can extend the life of terminal cancer patients by retarding the spread of malignant tumors. 

  • The utilization of the herb fenugreek as a cost-effective, safe and natural way to preserve fruits and vegetables, and as a non-toxic water purifier. 

  • The exploration of advanced graph theories with potential applications in communication networks, robotic vision systems and expansion of the Internet. 

  • The development of a new approach to a 10-year-old combinational geometry problem with broad implications in the study of illumination and the abstract shape of space. 

  • Musical performances and compositions exhibiting extraordinary talent and depth of emotion.

  • Literary portfolios comprised of poetry, short stories and other genres displaying advanced knowledge of writing styles and self-expression.


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