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Positive Contributions to Society

Davidson Fellows are students under the age of 18 who have completed a significant piece of work in science, mathematics, technology, music, literature or philosophy.  The work of a Davidson Fellow must have the potential to make a positive contribution to society. During the past five years, 74 Davidson Fellows have been recognized by the Davidson Institute and each Fellow has received a $50,000, $25,000 or $10,000 scholarship.

Positive contributions to society made by the 2005 Davidson Fellows include:

  • Development of an effective method of treating malignant glioma, the deadliest form of brain cancer, combining chemotherapy and gene therapy.

  • Design of a computerized security system based on electric field sensing that is user-friendly and able to store collected data while providing essentially foolproof security.

  • Creation of a literary portfolio exploring intertwining themes of universal, social and individual perspectives linking personal identity to family, heritage, culture and humanity to illustrate complex interconnections.

  • Advancement in the field of computerized object and facial recognition based on differential geometry concepts with security applications.

  • Research into the physics of dust particles to aid in the design of exploration and support systems for Martian spaceflight missions.

  • Discovery of a method to reduce the risk of eye infections by contact lens wearers and cataract patients with intraocular lenses.

  • Musical compositions and performances transcending culture and time

  • Development of a new type of web search engine that categorizes search results and ranks the relevance of returned Web pages to a search query.

Contributions of Davidson Fellows recognized since 2001 include:

  • Identification of the relationship of specific proteins in the human immune system in order to develop more effective treatments for HIV patients.

  • Discovery of how DNA “bends” under certain circumstances to form RNA, providing a foundation for future research in nanotechnology and biocomputation.

  • Confirmation of the existence of a super-massive black hole in a neighboring galaxy found by analyzing NASA data studying the amount of radiation emitted from Centaurus A.

  • Development of a more adaptive and accurate spam filter, which is 99 percent effective.

  • Discovery of a biological connection as to why people gravitate toward religion.

  • Isolation and testing of the gene that is believed to cause colorectal cancer, enabling doctors to treat the disease much more effectively.

  • Identification of antibodies that can extend the life of terminal cancer patients by retarding the spread of malignant tumors.

  • Mathematical modeling of gasoline sprays to reduce automobile emissions.

  • Utilization of the herb fenugreek as a cost-effective, safe and natural way to preserve fruits and vegetables, and as a non-toxic water purifier.


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